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Our Story

Bumbu’s first outlet opened in 2001 along Kandahar Street, nestled within the historic Kampong Glam. It was at this outlet where our founders, an Indo-Chinese and a local Peranakan, worked closely with Thai chefs to craft dishes that bring out the richest of Thai, Indonesian and Peranakan flavours. 

Over the past two decades, our signature Bumbu Salad, Beef Rendang, Ayam Buah Keluak, Tahu Telur, Fried Mee Sua and Olive Fried Rice remain bestsellers. 

As antique enthusiasts, our founders thoughtfully curated the interior décor of all of our outlets. The varied lived experiences and cultural backgrounds of the Bumbu team and guests translate beautifully into the Bumbu experience as a whole: one that is sensorial, sincere and meaningful, one that is harmonious, well-balanced and very much coinciding with what “Bumbu” means in Bahasa Indonesia: “a spice blend” 

Today, we continue to host multiple communities as a halal-certified establishment and offer our original dishes of local flavours with meatless and vegetarian options.

Bedsides our main city outlet, we also operate in the quaint yet charming surroundings along Queens Road in the Bukit Timah area. 

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